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Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty

The UN has vowed to wipe out poverty. Its a big goal, and I’m not really sure if its even viable. But while looking at some research on poverty this past week, I ran across the webpage below from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The page highlights a report they have […] - (read more)

Apparently, the Grocery Store Isn’t Going to Survive

While eventually this might be an actual story, I think its sort of hilarious. The grocery store is going to survive, no matter how many iterations there are of specialty stores and designer grocery shopping options evolve. The demographic that doesn’t seem to be considered in a statement like “it is over and done with” […] - (read more)

Carbs may Contribute to Feeling Depressed

This article is about the affects Carbs and junk food can have on your state of mind. If you are feeling depressed, try eating healthier – it won’t be the end all be all, but it sure might help you feel a bit better, at least about what you are stuffing in your body. Read […] - (read more)

Algae Bloom in California Shutting Down All Fishing

Commercial and recreational fishing has been shut down on the West Coast from California to Washington due to one of the largest toxic algae blooms ever seen off the coast of California. It seems like California just can’t really get a break, between droughts, wildfires and now the algae bloom. Hang in there Californians… Read […] - (read more)